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Stormtech Pure Earth™

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About Us

Developed in Canada, and brought to Australia by a family-owned company.

The year was 1977 and Blake Annable was driving across Western Canada, selling sporting goods to families by going door-to-door... Over 40 years later, and his operation has grown into the globally recognised brand, STORMTECH.

Born in the rugged west coast rainforests of British Columbia, Canada, STORMTECH's designs are inspired through the lessons learned from the rain, snow, and sun.
And here in Australia, our story has just begun...


Exclusive Technologies

We are constantly developing new technologies to improve the comfort, durability, and function of our products.

Our Exclusive Technologies

Design Excellence

We are devoted to producing functional, fashionable apparel with minimalist styling, from the ground up.

Product Design at STORMTECH

Unbeatable Warranty

STORMTECH are proud to offer an unbeatable 5 Year Warranty across our entire range, giving you peace of mind when you buy.

Our 5 Year Warranty

Nurtured by nature

Sustainability at STORMTECH

We strive to meet or exceed industry standards, and are continually assessing opportunities for advancement.

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Where workwear meets performance
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Dress your team in durable gear that is suitable for both inside and outside, will perform according to your needs, and has your branding on it.

What our customers say


I have 3 STORMTECH Atlantis Waterproof Gear Bags - Small, Medium and Large. Excellent quality and workmanship. Rating 10/10!!

Jeff Atvars

Comfortable and durable – excellent quality!

Lisa Hanames

For over 15 years I have not only provided STORMTECH gear and apparel to our clients but I have also worn and used many items personally. STORMTECH is always at the leading edge of fashion, design and quality.

Ryan Berry

Los Angeles, CA


Great products. I have worn this clothing line for years

OJ Gallant