The Whiskey Jack

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Whiskey Jack

STORMTECH is the proud sponsor of the offshore racing team Whiskey Jack 128. This Canadian offshore racing team comprises crew members Melodie Schaffer and Robert Phillips. The co-ed duo is currently participating in the GLOBE40, a Round The World race that first started on African soil. The competitive journey includes 16 starts and arrivals in 9 months

Ryan Barkey

Ryan is a professional sailor, having sailed 60,000+ miles across the majority of the world’s oceans. He has competed in different events around the globe, most recently in the Clipper 2019-20 edition as First Mate and holding overall podium position prior to covid postponement. Preceding this experience, he skippered everything from traditional Whitbread maxi’s to traditional Ngalawa’s. Ryan also has an undergraduate certificate in Meteorology and specializes in Navigation.

Melodie Schaffer

Melodie is a life-long sailor, having competed at national and international levels. She has been an offshore racer for 4 years, accumulating 23,000 nautical miles. She has worked as a mate on Volvo 60 sailing in races and on expeditions, and has competed in many offshore events including the RORC Caribbean 600 (3x), Antigua to Bermuda race and the Fastnet race. Professionally she has a M.A.Sc degree in biomedical engineering and now is a sailing photographer.