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Waterproof Rated

Waterproof Apparel & Accessories

STORMTECH's range of waterproof and water resistant apparel & accessories are designed to keep you and your gear comfortable and dry.

All STORMTECH products come with the unbeatable STORMTECH 5 Year Warranty, giving you confidence that your gear will last not just for this season, but many more to come.

Waterproof Jackets & Apparel

Jackets and apparel that is waterproof are shown with the waterproof icon and will have a 'mm' rating. The ‘mm’ rating is a standardized test determined by placing a 1” x 1” tube over the fabric to determine how high (in mm’s) a column of water can be suspended before the fabric leaks. The higher the rating, the higher the waterproofness.

Waterproof Level Rating (mm's)
Level 1 (Basic) 600mm to 2,000mm
Level 2 (High) 2,000mm to 8,000mm
Level 3 (Extreme) 8,000mm to 15,000mm+


Waterproof Bags & Accessories

Bags & accessories have three levels of water protection; Fully Waterproof, Water Repellent, and Waterproof Base.